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  1. Hi Sahaj-

    Great job in putting all your art work together. Really enjoyed watching your sketches..keep up the good work and inform us about any new additions!!


  2. Hello Sahaj

    Tejas, Veda, Hima Aunty and I looked at your sketches, doodles, paintings and photographs that you took.

    Awesome sketches.. all of them are just so good.

    Excellent work !!!!

  3. Hi Sahaj. Cool website. Liked the sketches and paintings the most. Keep us posted when you have something more to share.

  4. Hi Sahaj: i’m your Mom’s co-worker.

    you have a great eye…the photos are wonderful…you are a very talented young lady…

  5. A friend of your mother’s from work. Great website! easy to navigate. Loved especially paint 004; doodle 003; and most of your sketches! 042, 036; 025 made me smile 🙂

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